Vision, Knowledge, Experience, and Architecture

We anticipate, avoid, and mitigate the leading risks that cause trials to stumble.

A New Way Forward

Alethium’s journey began with critical rescues for the world’s leading CROs and life sciences partners. Built on practical lessons from the global COVID-19 pandemic and with 17 years of software and clinical experience, we aimed to create a trial platform to solve the highest-risk issues faced by our clients, sites, and patients.

The result is the Alethium Trial Platform (ATP). Everything from architecture, features, security, and UX is designed to ensure the scale, security, engagement, and flexibility demanded by today’s clinical research.

Roadblocks Removed

All clinical studies have risks, but your clinical trial platform should not be one of them. Beyond creating a platform that anticipates and solves technical risks, our rescue specialists clear all other issues to ensure projects are smooth and studies stay on track.

Risk-Based Architecture

Every competing platform started with user experience and retrofitted compliance, which led to significant risks and pain points. At Alethium, we took a different path. Our platform was built from the ground up with a focus on compliance and auditing. This ensures that the most common and serious technology issues affecting site-based, DCT, or hybrid clinical studies are prevented. Even if issues arise, our core audit trail mitigates those risks by ensuring comprehensive data collection.

A Team Like No Other

Formed in 2008, we have solved our clients' most formidable challenges with a combination of expertise, trust, and diligence. Our fully senior team operates with the efficiency and cohesion born from years of collaboration, reflected in our refined processes, streamlined communication, and the exceptional quality of our platform.