• Screen,
  • Consent,
  • Engage,
  • Assist,

Any Participants From Any Device, Anywhere.

Connect participants and investigators instantly with Alethium’s fully integrated televisit services. 

Instant Engagement

Scheduled or ad-hoc, Alethium connects investigators and participants from within the platform.

Built-in Support

  • No need to install a separate app or have access to another device
  • Built responsively on web standards to support a range of devices from desktops to tablets to phones.


With timely email and SMS notifications participants get the help they need throughout their busy days.


  • Direct connection with end-to-end encryption
  • Alethium connects the participant and investigator but does not participate in or record the conversation

Audit Log at the Core

Alethium’s event-driven architecture ensures the audit log remains the source of truth for your clinical trial.